Guest Posting: How To Track Money From Your Side-Hustle

Money as a topic can be related to anything. I’ve drawn comparison’s to back country camping and video games. This is because money is a means to an end. It is irrelevant and at the same time interwoven into every aspect of our lives. It’s one facet of helping us achieve our goals and dreams. There are so many other facets involved in making our goals and dreams a reality.

Back in January, I came across the blog It’s All You Boo! This blog focuses on how to make your goals come to life and tackles a variety of related topics. Not to mention, a great place to find inspiration and motivation!
It’s also where Whymances has it’s very first guest post on how to track your side hustle finances. It contains a variety of topics learned from my personal experience of switching from full time work to contracting that are relevant to side hustle income:

  • Where to start with tracking side hustle financials
  • Impact on your personal taxes
  • What you can do with your profits

It even contains a free giveaway! Happy reading!

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