Five Random Facts About Me

lessons_from_my_mothers_deathThis blog has made it halfway into spring. I started it in December as a New Year’s resolution to no longer let my clever scheming brain prevent me from hitting publish. I have major imposture syndrome. In person, when certain subjects came up, like surprise surprise!, personal finances, I found myself excitedly talking with too much to say. Not push my opinions down your throat kind of way, but more like being excited to share what I had read, learned, did, thought, with the intent of having an exchange on what other’s thought. Because I REALLY wanted to see through another person’s eyes.
So in honour of still having fun with this blog, and hopefully giving some worthwhile content, I’m taking a break from the usual and getting a little more personal. I feel like I don’t inject enough of my personal side into it. So I thought I’d do that in a fun way with 5 random facts about me.

One: I Secretly Paint and Pretend To Build Leather Accessories

I say secretly because I love to paint and play around with creating leather accessories. However, just like I hesitate and struggle to hit publish with every. single. article on this blog, I like to create paintings and leather items and hide them away so no one sees them. It’s like if I let others see, I might as well be walking down the street naked. Actually, I’d rather do that! What I create invariably has me all over it, and if other’s see, I’m exposed and open to judgement.

Just like I forced myself to share the blog, here’s a sneak peak at a few item’s I’ve made.

 Two: I Find Oversized Houses Creepy

I walked through the Queen’s palace in Windsor in the UK last fall. Obviously this isn’t used purely for residence but I wouldn’t want a well maintained castle, even if it was gifted. We live in a tiny 600 square feet bachelor right now. So I would like more space. But the thought of 3000 square feet, or even 2000 for two people gives me goose bumps. I’m weird that way. It’s not just the extra cost of heating or extra time cleaning, I constantly feel like someone could be lurking at the other end of the house. But that’s just me. I get some people like having that much space.

Three: I Was Painfully Shy As A Kid

There’s one in every class. You know that kid who would rather read quietly, who barely ever talks? I had a few close friends, and skipped out on school dances or any parties where I MIGHT not know someone. If you said hi to me, I would turn red as a tomato.

It took me over 30 years, but you wouldn’t guess I was that person. I lead IT project teams, talk to total strangers, heck dance with total strangers. It took some hard work but two things helped me change… Someone once told me that we can’t change our natural personality, but it’s like fabric. If it doesn’t suit you, just keep folding and shaping it with coping mechanisms until it does.

So I combined that with throwing myself into performing in front of 500 people (once) and learning to lindy hop. Going from having two left feet, learning how to tell a beat so you can dance, with a bunch of total strangers on a weekly basis went a long way in making me comfortable with strangers. And it became a hobby I loved so much, I was dancing 6 days a week and part of a competitive team for fun.

Four: Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman

Yes, I was one of those that liked watching this. It was my guilty pleasure when I was in my teens. I could blame it on bad taste of a teenager, but that wouldn’t be true. I was a shy, quiet girl that wanted to be different. A strong leader that mattered and made a difference in people’s lives. And at the time, for me, being a doctor was my aspiration.

Sometimes I still feel like I want to grow up to be that.

Five: I Switched Careers At The Last Minute

For most of grade school, and high school, my aspiration oscillated between being a doctor or a vet. I loved animals, but I also loved the field of medicine. Either way, I wanted to make a difference and do that medically. Either for animals or humans. I took all the math, science, biology and physics classes I could in high school. I even took advanced chemistry by long distance as my school was small and couldn’t fit that into my schedule with the other courses I wanted that year.

And then, over the summer between grade 12 and 13, I woke up one day and enrolled myself in computer science. I had never done programming. In fact, I did terribly in my grade 10 computer programming course. So that left more than a few people wondering what had possessed me to do that!? Even then my reasons felt a little weak so I refused to explain myself. But here it is: the thought of all the debt and sleepless days during residency terrified me. And I figured, if that could scare me away, the vet program was competitive so I probably didn’t have enough drive for that either.

Wondering how I did in computer science? Rocked it. That time around, it just made sense.

If I became financially independent and had to choose another career, I would go back and take a crack at becoming a vet. Just to see if I could do it.

So there you have it. Five random facts about me. Any random facts you want to share about yourself?

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    1. Thanks!
      Totally agree with you some things become easier to share after you write about your life on the internet. Sharing your financial face plants and successes makes sharing a pic of a painting less scary.

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