Prepping: Survival Skills Are Only A Piece Of The Puzzle

I was nervously sitting, along with 49 other people eating breakfast on the last day at a camp my friend had started. We knew something of sorts was going to happen, where we would put to use the survival skills we had learned.

We just weren’t sure what, when or how.

There had been a lot of anxious chatter the previous night among the crowd, making alliances, plans, guessing. A camp coordinator came into the cafeteria..

“We don’t want to alarm anyone. We’ve received reports of suspicious activity. The authorities have issued a lock down…”

Before they could finish, a group of zombies burst through the door and attacked him. Yes, you heard right, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

Panic ensued and everyone ran out the closest exit, breakfast and plans instantly forgotten.

And so began the day where I formed so many memories, and took away ‘Prepper lessons that went beyond the basics of fire starting skills, purifying water, and what have you.


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Urban Homesteading

What does homesteading mean to you? Do you picture acres of land, with a few animals and huge garden? Maybe close to a small town or in the middle of the country? This is exactly what I picture. Though I moved to a big city a decade ago out of necessity (read jobs), there’s a part of me that yearns to try homesteading like Frugalwoods.

Except one major roadblock: IT project management and graphic design jobs aren’t exactly common outside cities. Not to mention we’re used to a carless existence and Mr Whymances really enjoys having the city at his fingertips.

Over the summer, I’ve come to realize homesteading can be many different things and it’s first and foremost an attitude. Not only does it have a lot in common with financial independence, homesteading can be done in an urban environment.

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Garden Adventures – Late Summer

Garden Adventures Late Summer
New garden friend. His name is Jimmy!

Jiminy crickets, the garden is in full bloom! Mid September came up on me without realizing. That’s not surprising given we were baking in mid to high 30’s (celsius)! While I love the summer warmth and what it brings from the garden, I’m looking forward to the temperate weather fall brings.
But back to late summer gardening….
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Garden Adventures – Mid Summer

It’s hard to believe but we’re almost at mid-summer already! Gardens always seem to move slowly when you’re anticipating the fresh fruits and veggies to start in earnest. Looking back, it’s astonishing how much the garden has grown and it feels like time has flown by. It wasn’t so long ago I wrote about snagging a plot, sharing the costs and learnings I had so far. Being that it’s a little past mid July, I thought it was time for another update.
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Garden Adventures – May Edition

Garden AdventuresGrowing up as a kid, I loved to play in the water, make sand castles, mud pies and pick fruits or veggies that happened to be ripe in the garden. How about you? I’ve gotten used to a lot of things moving to the city but having a garden is probably the hardest thing to replace. Container gardening is a great option and one I was able to do in the last 3 years. Seven years after moving to the city, I finally had a good combination of a  little space that got some decent sunshine. It was about the same time I found out about city allotment gardens. Basically you get rent a small piece of land where you can plant flowers or fruits/vegetables. They’re in high demand with a wait list you need to apply for on a specific day every year. After 3 years, I finally got one! So in honour of that, I’ll be posting monthly garden updates!
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Daydreaming Of Container Gardens

Are you dreaming of spring? I know I am! This past weekend we were hit with another two day winter storm, which brought 2 inches of freezing rain, snow and winds. I grew up north of the city, so snow in April is hardly unusual. But I’m not living further north anymore, and even for Toronto, this is a bit ridiculous. My instagram feed is filled with wintry pictures from other bloggers. Normally it’s comforting knowing you’re not alone. But this time, no dice. So I’ve resorted to ridiculous, fun cocktails and daydreaming of container gardening. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at gardening, but are limited on space, or don’t have a yard, you’d be amazed at what you can do with containers!
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