Starting Over In My 30’s With (Almost) Everything

I started this blog to write, share and connect. Over finance and lifestyle. Fifteen months into this, I realize that while I am talking about finance, urban homesteading, and contract work, the thread that holds it all together is my journey of starting over in my 30’s. With almost everything.

At 34, I lost 4 close family members in short order, separated from my high school sweetheart and was staring down sudden unemployment. This time was to become the equivalent of a raging forest fire in my life. Most things were burned to the ground and virtually no landscape was recognizable in the aftermath.

This post isn’t a woe is me tale though. There’s plenty of sorrow to go around, and others that have gone through worse. It’s about gratitude for that time in my life, both for what it gave me at the time, and the new growth that’s replaced the scorched areas.

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How To Let Things Fail

Have you experienced the sting of failure recently?

This is best talked over with a tasty drink. So grab yours and join me.

Got One? Great!

Failure comes in all sizes: from slight discomfort to devastation that changes who you are. There’s a lot of talk on failure as something that happens to you.

What about choosing to let things fail?

I was having a conversation with a good friend recently about a big choice I had to make five years ago

Keep my 57 year old mother on life support or let her body fail.

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Guest Posting: How To Track Money From Your Side-Hustle

Money as a topic can be related to anything. I’ve drawn comparison’s to back country camping and video games. This is because money is a means to an end. It is irrelevant and at the same time interwoven into every aspect of our lives. It’s one facet of helping us achieve our goals and dreams. There are so many other facets involved in making our goals and dreams a reality.
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Five Random Facts About Me

lessons_from_my_mothers_deathThis blog has made it halfway into spring. I started it in December as a New Year’s resolution to no longer let my clever scheming brain prevent me from hitting publish. I have major imposture syndrome. In person, when certain subjects came up, like surprise surprise!, personal finances, I found myself excitedly talking with too much to say. Not push my opinions down your throat kind of way, but more like being excited to share what I had read, learned, did, thought, with the intent of having an exchange on what other’s thought. Because I REALLY wanted to see through another person’s eyes.
So in honour of still having fun with this blog, and hopefully giving some worthwhile content, I’m taking a break from the usual and getting a little more personal. I feel like I don’t inject enough of my personal side into it. So I thought I’d do that in a fun way with 5 random facts about me.
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What Gets You Out of Bed In The Morning?

This article has been sitting in my drafts for a few months now with nothing more than three names: Heimo Korth, Chris McCandless and Jim Dutcher. What do these three random names have in common? I couldn’t put my finger on it. But there was an elusive idea there that I couldn’t just quite catch. That is until Mr Whymances sent me a video on Ikigai. Then it all fell into place.
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Taking A Break: Travel


Are you tired of winter? Have time, will travel? Or maybe taking a break just to slow down and quietly gaze around you is what’s needed… Last week, I wrote about how I felt like I was running out time. This post is exactly the opposite. It almost never fails, around this time of year, I long for the sun and warm spring days. It is warming up here. That’s to say we aren’t regularly seeing temps below -10; they’re even starting to peek over freezing a few consecutive days in a row. Somehow, in all my last vacations, I end up traveling to someplace slightly colder than where I live. I vowed 2018 would be different. For the first time, I planned ahead and gave myself exactly what I would likely need right about now: Barbados!
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Running Out Of Time

I find myself thinking about time a lot. Not so much in how to do everything I want within a day. More along the lines I can shake the feeling that I’m running out of time.  Like I don’t have enough years left to do what I’d like. It feels like it’s slipping from me as fast as ocean waves come and go.

I’m in my mid thirties and for the past 6 months, there’s a constant low level anxiety that I’m running out of time to pursue what I want and where I’d like to be financially. Not unlike many others, I came to the party late and now I’m left scrambling; I feel I need to choose between some life goals or having financial freedom sooner.
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How The Fuck Can I Do It All?!


What do the terms budget, minimalism, frugality and investment have in common? They’re often the first words people think of when figuring out how to do everything you want and still save. They provoke subtle feelings of discomfort, even perhaps leaving us feeling a little dirty. All the enthusiasm we had a second ago with planning how we want to spend our money evaporates and we pack it in. Because let’s face it, it’s human nature to avoid what FEELS or IS PERCEIVED to be unpleasant. It is possible to afford being social, hobbies and still save.
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International Woman’s Day

womens-day-3198008_1920Happy International Women’s Day! In honour of this day, I’m including this off schedule post to recognize International Women’s Day. The first time Woman’s Day was celebrated was on February 28 1909. A few years later, it was moved to March 8th. Between the #MeToo campaign and rampant sexual allegations against public figures, there’s been a strong focus on equality and gender parity this year. It’s clear that we’ve made some good strides but we cannot get complacent as we still have a way to go.
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Small Space Living: How to Decide if It’s Right for You

Small Space LivingA few years ago we made a pivotal decision in our relationship: move in together. Not in my 1200 square foot rental, but into his 500 square foot bachelor condo. WHAT an earth were we thinking?! We wondered that sometimes too. It’s safe to say we get strong reactions when we explain our living situation and insist it’s possible. It can also be a great way to reduce consumerism and contribute to healthy financials.
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